700 West 5th St
Delta, CO 81416
Auction.  We sell all classes and types of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs,
and horses.  If you have any questions, please call Dan at

As you market your livestock, take a minute to compare us
to other auction markets.
 We think you will find our rates and
prices more than competitive.  Our commission is a straight 2% on
cattle, no matter the weight of the animals, and the feed is charged
on a per head/per day basis. Yardage is a one-time charge, not
per head/per day.

For example:
Feeder cattle selling for approx $700                Us: $14.00 per Hd
                            Some markets up to $17.50 per Hd
Butcher cows selling for $800                            Us: $16.00 per Hd
                            Some markets up to $20.00 per Hd
Butcher bulls selling for $1700                           Us: $34.00 per Hd
                            Some markets up to $45.00 per Hd

We are a family operation that works hard to market YOUR
livestock.  That means the consignor will always be first with the
market orders and the buyer orders - which means more money in
your pocket at the end of the day.  99% of our runs are livestock
fresh from the ranch to the buyers.

  Delta Sales Yard

Livestock Sale every Thursday
Butcher Cows and Bulls                 10am
Sheep & Goats                              11am
Pigs, Bred Cows
& Feeder Cattle follow
Sheep & Goats at approx.             11:30

Horse Sale the first Saturday of every
other month. Sales will be
held February, April, June, August, October, and December. Tack
begins at 10 am followed by the horses @ 1pm.